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From deep within the tile industry we bring you…

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Tiling Advice Live….

Alright. Joking aside, it’s getting confusing now when you look online for tiling advice. Homeowners are getting sold to left right and center, and they don’t even realise it.

And often leave a good review online afterwards. And never actually know if their tiling was to a good standard, or their tiles where the cheapest price they could be, or the adhesive was the right choice for sure – they just got told it was by somebody via a phone at best but probably an email or livechat thing.

Forums Can Be Good

But they can also just be setup by either a training centre looking to post false positive reviews on their own training centre threads. Or be setup by a tile supplier hoping to flog a few tools or some stone sealers while drop-shipping some stone from somewhere else.

Or even worse, it’s a bloody ‘gang’ like the sods are all 12.

Tiling Advice online needs to change. There needs to be a better service than what there is.

So this is what happens here.

You want some tiles, you think your bathroom sucks. You come to Tiling Advice Live, and you give them your room sizes, even approximate would do at this point.

They use state of the art CAD (Computer Aided Design) software to knock-up a mockup of your bathroom (or kitchen or floor or whatever).

Tiling Advice Service That’s New

Then they see what kind of tiles you want, find out some information about what is being tiled (so concrete or wood floor perhaps, or maybe plasterboard or plaster walls for example) and then use their actual personal contacts to physically do some legwork for you to find some samples for you, and get them sent out.

Then if you wish to do the tiling yourself, they’ll specify what goes where and help you source tiling tools and other ancillary products. If you wish to get a tiler in, they’ll help you get three estimates from professional tilers who are actual people who come to your home.

Covid-allowing of course – essential work maybe? – certainly stops you going insane with a 70’s champagne bathroom suite that’s for sure. Rather than usernames on a ‘Rate My Builder’ or Check My Tiler’ type website that is full of false feedback and lots of other dodgy stuff.

At this point, you’ve still not paid for a single service.

Who’s Doing The Legwork?

The key is, they’ll shop around physically for you (no Meerkats here) using the contacts they collectively have. And find you the cheapest deals. And pass every single saving onto you.

The hope here is that the industry gets changed. The way people do their tiling changes. And in the end, perhaps that company becomes worth something.

And maybe eventually gets extra discounts on products and makes a small % on that. Whilst still not losing out on quality of product or needing to charge the end user.

And at every single stage being open and honest about who’s making what money out of your bathroom.

And at no point during the launch of this service are the people running the tiling advice service thinking about profit.

Who Runs the Advice and Sourcing Service?

The people behind it are established professional tilers, ex tile shop owners who struggled with their own small tile shops, tile adhesive reps that got the boot when ‘cutting the fat’ from an adhesive firm, a tool importer who has the experience of a 120 year old but the looks of a 21 year old. And more are coming on board and warming to the idea.

It stemmed from one of the guys running it doing his own bathroom and managing to get everything from contacts via the phone and nothing online or offline. Actually speaking with words and having a chat really does feel nice during this pandemic we’re in here.

So if this service can be shared with specifiers, architects, quantity surveyors, homeowners, DIY, other tilers even – then why not. Let’s crack on and do some lovely bathrooms and do some people a solid. Who right now need a bit of support and perhaps want to invest their savings into their property equity.

And the people behind this crazy project that just might work, have before now been told their ideas wont work. And every single one did.

Don’t be a nay-sayer, come checkout this totally free service that’s completely unique. And we’ll crack on sorting out some tiling.

Perhaps it’s worth something in the end

Then one day if we manage to share the love a bit and make a few quid here and there out of it but still not squeezing suppliers out of it, or ripping the end-user off, then it might just become something financially valuable as well as being literally valuable to people looking for tiling advice.

Who are currently being hammered and sold to by the associations (tiles? bathrooms?) and outlets with their ‘Top 5 Bathroom Tiles This Season’ blogs that give you no actual useful information, and forums with cliques or financial backers with lots of fake accounts and feedback on them.

Let’s clean up this online tiling advice lark. And make it much more personal than it currently is.

Check it out here:

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