Rubi Tile Cutters; they used to be one of the only professional tile cutters available to buy in the UK, some time ago mind. TradeTiler used to only sell Rubi cutters, and nobody else had access to them. Though that changed a decade or so ago and now you can find them at many suppliers, and TradeTiler now also sells Sigma Tile Cutters.

Cutters To Suit All Types Of Tiler

These days there are many makes and models in the UK. But Rubi tile cutters are still some of the most used. They stepped up their game from the old TS and TX series and now offer a fair variety. Although you have to note that the TS and TX have changed names slightly, so they’re very similar to the old cutter of the same version.

Rubi Tile Cutters
Rubi Tile Cutters

At first glance there seems to be a few cutters that do the same job. So the TS, TX and TR all have something to cut around the 700mm cutting length mark. But if you look closer they are different cutters and between the three there should be one that suits most types of tiler. When Sigma came on the scene a few years ago there was a bit of a war between Sigma users and Rubi users on Tilers Forums. You’d find people would only use one make and stick to it.

Though people should really consider the fact that different types of tile may be easily cut on one cutter make, but then another type of tile better on another make. So don’t always stick to one brand. Checkout the benefits of the cutters for the size you’re looking for. Read the reviews about them, do a bit of research on the forums and always sleep on it before rushing in.

They aren’t cheap when you start needing to cut 700mm+, so shop around on and offline.

Have A Go Of The Tile Cutters

If you’re on a tiling course you may find you can have a go of some of these cutters yourself before you buy. Also check whether the training centre you’re at can beat the best prices we find for you.

Compare Cutters Around The 700mm Cutting Length Mark

Rubi TS 75 MaxRubi TX 710 MaxRubi TR 710 Magnet
Cutting Strength800kg1200kg One Handed800kg Mobile
Min Tile Thickness6mm3mm3mm
Max Tile Thickness15mm21mm15mm
Rail TypeChrome Plated Steel30mm Tubular SteelChrome Plated Steel
Diagonal Cut Length530mm500mm Tile500mm
Weight15.8kg With Case13.3kg With Case15kg With Case
N.B. The Rubi TX 710 Max was previously known as the Rubi TX 700n and the TS 75 Max was the TS 70 Plus

Rubi Tile Cutters Comparison

Rubi Cutters: Rubi Star Max 51, Rubi Star Max 64, Rubi TS 43 Max, Rubi TS 57 Max, Rubi TS 66 Max, Rubi TS 75 Max.
Bigger Cutters: Rubi TR 710 Magnet, Rubi TX 710 Max, Rubi TX 1020 Max, Rubi TX 1250 Max, Rubi TZ 850, Rubi TZ 1020, Rubi TZ 1300, Rubi TZ 1550.
Rail Cutters: Rubi Slim System Rail Cutter.

TS 75 Max Best Price



inc VAT

  • TradeTiler: £305.40
  • ProTilingTools: £315.99
  • BuyBrandTools: £350.29

TX 710 Max Best Price



inc VAT

  • TradeTiler: £380.40
  • ProTilingTools: £352.99
  • BuyBrandTools: £346.80

TR 710 Magnet Best Price



inc VAT

  • TradeTiler: £315.55
  • ProTilingTools: £305.99
  • BuyBrandTools: £359.99

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